Ultimate Guide to Choosing Kitchen & Bathroom Sink Faucets

Ultimate Kitchen & Bath Faucet Buying Guide

Ever turn on a kitchen or bathroom faucet & wished you’d had on a raincoat?

Homeowners — just like you — going through kitchen & bath renovations, a new home build, or even just replacing an old faucet set, make bad faucet decisions without realizing it.

In this article, you’ll learn 5 Pro kitchen and bath faucet buying tips plus 3 easy measurements to avoid faucet splash.


Let’s get the bad news out of the way first…

Select Your Faucet during the planning stage

I hate to break it to you, but you have to select your faucet set BEFORE the ink’s dry on your reno plans.

Of course, nothing is an absolute, but you may have to settle for a shorter bathroom faucet (cause it won’t fit under the cabinet door), or fewer kitchen sink faucet accessories (like a soap dispenser) because when the contractor asked,

“Where do you want the holes drilled for the faucet?”, you didn’t really know what he meant by 8 inch spacing.

So, now’s the time to start looking at faucets not after you’ve ordered your new kitchen sink or your contractor has already framed up the bathroom cabinet.

For remodeling & new home builds here are 3 more things to know before drawings, plans & cost are finalized:

  • specs are on your appliances
  • placement & number of light fixtures (how many junction boxes are you going to need)
  • location & dimensions of the sink


Choose your faucet & sink at the same time.HINT Always pick your faucet when you choose your sink. Visit or talk to an expert at a plumbing showroom to help you find a set that looks good with your sink choice and has the proper presence or proportion.


Water happens but keep it in the sink – Spout Height & Reach

How to Avoid Sink Splash

If the faucet doesn’t have the right reach or arc over the sink, or it’s too high for the depth of the bowl, you’ll end up getting wet or worse, with pools of water around the sink and taps. And if that doesn’t get cleaned up right away you could have an issue with staining on a granite countertop or other unseen water damage.

Good Rule of Thumb

The end of the faucet should be a few inches above the rim of the sink, or there could be splashing. The angle that the water hits the basin also has an effect. Aim for the water to hit the bottom of the sink, over the drain.

  • To avoid sink splash get the dimension of the faucet’s:
    Height above the sink
  • Reach (or length) of spout over the sink – HINT: measure the distance from the faucet hole to the sink drain
  • Depth of your sink’s basin


Are you Accessory-Hungry?

Sink Accessories

If you want everything for the kitchen sink (as far as accessories go): soap dispenser, spray nozzle, water-filter faucet, hot water dispenser it’s recommended to go with a larger sink. The accessories won’t look so cluttered. And sketch out a faucet layout to determine your spacing.

Standard spacing for kitchen & bath taps and accessories is drilled holes 4, 6, or 8 inches apart for placement. Four inches works great if spacing is tight & 8 inches gives an uncluttered look that’s easier to clean around the fixture, and accessories won’t interfere with each other.

Just replacing out an old faucet set you might not have the room for all the accessories you’d like. So choosing a faucet spout that is a spray nozzle is a great way to get that feature without eating up counter space.


Magnetic Docking for Faucet Spray NozzlesHINT Forget forcing that old sprayer nozzle back in place. The latest sprayer nozzles won’t lose tension or become loose. They’re designed with counterweights & magnets to make sure they dock in place every time.


Get a Handle on it

Single-Handle, 2 Handle & Touchless Faucets

Hot, warm, cold & flow.

That’s all a kitchen or bathroom faucet really needs to do.

But is there 1 configuration that’s better for the bathroom or kitchen sink?


Single-Handle Faucets

Kitchen Faucets Think how often you only have 1 free hand in the kitchen. You’ve got a dish or food in one hand while trying awkwardly to turn the taps to get the right water temperature. One hand, think 1 handle.
Bathroom Faucets For a kid’s bathroom a single lever makes it easy for little hands to maneuver & easy for you to clean up a mess or any pooled water.

See more bathroom sink faucets here.


2-Handle Faucets

Kitchen or Bath Sink Faucets Separate handles for hot & cold water give you precise control over regulating the temperature and water flow so a guest won’t be surprised by a cold spray of water when washing up.

See more kitchen sink faucets here.


Touchless Technology

Kitchen Faucets It’s not limited to the kitchen, but hands-free, sensor-operated faucets are most popular in the hardest working area of the house. Touchless technology is the best ever when your hands are messy from baking or handling meat. With a manual option, it means you won’t accidentally get your sleeve wet when you’re doing dishes.


Pull Out Sprayer NozzleHINT A pull-down faucet spout is more ergonomic than a pull-out sprayer, but a kitchen faucet with a pull-out sprayer makes filling a pot on the counter easy and saves you from lifting it out of the sink.


Would You Buy a Faucet that kept Your Bathroom Cleaner? – Materials & Metals

Faucet Finishes - Antimicrobial Protection to keep bacteria & fingerprints at bay.

Faucet finish & design is usually the first thing a homeowner decides on, but it really should be the last choice you make. It’s got to function first, looks second.


Function The kitchen is the hardest working area of the house so look for durable & substantial materials for the seen & unseen pieces in a faucet. Quality means looking for brass or stainless faucet fixture parts that won’t wear out after a few months of heavy use.


Finishes There’s debate over matte vs satin finish as to which won’t show fingerprints. Let’s face it, they all show the smudges to some degree. But here’s technology to our rescue. There are faucets out there that have an antimicrobial protection (Sciencey for…. materials that are downright unwelcoming to bacteria & mould. Just think hygiene.) that help prevent the build-up of smudgy fingerprints and water spots. Check out this link here, spot resistant finishes.


Trends If you’re the matchy-matchy type, pick a finish that coordinates with your drawer pulls and lighting fixtures in your kitchen or bathroom for a seamless look. Looking for a modern, on-trend bathroom faucet? So be bold and unafraid to mix your metals. Classic faucet finishes like; chrome, brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze are always popular. Champagne bronze is a hot metal right now, and it’s resistant to abrasions. Smart for heavy use in kitchens & bathrooms.


The Jewelry of the Room

Jewelry of the Room - Fancy Faucets

Whether it’s the bling in your bathroom or the workhorse of the kitchen, your sink needs the perfect partner in a faucet. And, it’s an easy way to include a little bit of high-end glamour & function into your kitchen or bathroom, without having the expense of a remodel.

There are almost too many options in faucets, so take your time, research them, & try to see them up close & in-person. Choose one that suits your style & needs.


Feel like you’ve got no one at home to talk to about faucets?

“Just pick what makes you happy?” they say.

Or do they flee when they see that, ‘I’m thinking about the kitchen again and might want to talk about it’ look in your eye?”

No problem, that’s why we’re here. In as little as 1 visit we’ll walk you through the selection process. Visit our Kitchen & Bath Showroom at 75 Peakview Way, Bedford, NS, or call us at 902-494-5266.


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