From traditional one and two piece toilets to comfort height and touchless flush toilets we can provide your bathroom remodel with cutting edge cleanliness and technology.


One-piece toilets integrate tank and bowl into a seamless, space-saving design that is easy to clean.


Two-piece toilets feature a separate tank and bowl. Two- and three-bolt installation systems provide a sturdy, level connection between the tank and bowl, making installation easy.

Wall Hung

Wall Hung toilets mount to the wall and have no base making them easier to access for those with accessibility needs and easy to clean

Round Bowls

Round-front bowls require less space.

Elongated Bowls

Elongated bowls provide added room and comfort for adults adding around 2″ in length.

Kohler® Touchless Toilets

Touchless technology allows you to flush your toilet by just placing your hand over the sensor, minimizing the spread of germs around the bathroom. Touchless flushing is available on Kohler’s Cimarron® and San Souci® Touchless toilets, or you can convert almost any other toilet to have a no-touch flushing toilet with the Touchless kit.

Comfort Height

Comfort Height toilets, approximately 2 inches taller than traditional toilets, make sitting down and standing up easier. Toilets that measure between 17 and 19 inches in height from the floor to the top of the seat are considered Comfort Height toilets, whereas traditional toilets measure below 17 inches in height.