Spring Clean Your Home!

Spring is Finally Here!

Spring is finally here! Is there ever a better time to freshen up your space, de-clutter, and complete a full clean? Spring is a time for renewal. Take this opportunity to bring your home out from the winter doldrums and into the bright new season.

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De-Clutter Your Home

Spring cleaning can be overwhelming, especially if you have a significant amount of clutter in your home. The first step toward an effective spring clean and a sure-fire way to maintain cleanliness is to begin by de-cluttering. Spring is an excellent opportunity to get rid of items you no longer need and start a new season without the added weight of unwanted items. Begin with areas where you know clutter accumulates. Do you have a junk drawer where stashed items are forgotten? Is there a closet or cupboard with unused décor, dishes, or things that could be recycled?

Sort items into four piles, garbage, donate, store, or organize. Having a strategy can minimize the feelings of overwhelm when you are trying to get rid of clutter. Consider a yard sale or online sales site like Kijiji. When you clear your home of clutter, you will find it much easier to clean.

Spring Clean One Room at a Time

Spring cleaning can be daunting. Particularly if you have hibernated over the winter (let’s be honest most of us do). Minimize the overwhelm by beginning with a strategy. Instead of focusing on your whole home, work on spring cleaning one room at a time. List the required tasks and check them off as you complete them; this will give you a sense of accomplishment and motivate you to continue with your tasks. Omit areas that have been cleaned recently and focus your efforts on spaces that have been neglected throughout the winter months.

Spring Clean Your Bathroom and Kitchen

The bathroom and kitchen are areas of the home that see the most action. You spend the bulk of your days at home in both of these rooms, and they deserve some extra attention. Because of the constant traction in these two rooms, it is common for them to become dirty. Perhaps you do a surface clean regularly to maintain cleanliness, but spring can offer an opportunity to refresh these spaces. Here are some tips to freshen up your kitchen and bathroom for spring:


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  • De-clutter cupboards. Store or donate unused cutlery, dishes, and other items that accumulate throughout the year.
  • Deep clean the fridge. Take everything out of the refrigerator. Toss expired products, stale food, or freeze salvageable goods. Clean the refrigerator inside and out before putting the product back.
  • Clean the oven and stove. If your stove has a self-cleaning option, run this while you complete other chores in the kitchen.
  • Create new storage options and organize items such as plastic bags, containers, dish towels. Make sure that everything has a proper storage space.
  • Sanitize your sink. Kitchen sinks are amongst the dirtiest areas in the home. Take some time to complete a thorough clean of the sink. Perhaps it is time to consider installing a new sink. Whether you are looking to make a statement in your kitchen or looking for extra space for washing pots and pans our Showroom Consultants can help you find the perfect fit for your kitchen sink.


Clean White Bathroom

  • De-clutter drawers and cabinets. Recycle old shampoo bottles, toss unused or expired product, organize all items into storage containers.
  • Deep clean all components of the bathroom: shower and showerhead, toilet, sink. Wipe down walls, floors, and the ceiling where moisture can accumulate over time.
  • White vinegar is a perfect, environmentally friendly alternative to harsh cleaners. It is excellent at breaking down and removing a build-up of limescale. Let vinegar clean your bathroom overnight! Spray it on all your fixtures and let it sit while you sleep. In the morning, make sure to ventilate the area before wiping everything down.
  • If you’re considering some new fixtures for the bathroom, visit the Better Baths showroom, we can help you plan your renovation.

Get the Family Involved in Spring Cleaning

Even the most hesitant cleaner can make a difference when it comes to spring cleaning. Let the kids tackle their rooms. Throw on some music and make a day of cleaning. When cleaning becomes fun, it can be an opportunity to bond and participate in a shared activity. It will also allow each member of the family to feel invested in keeping the home clean and clutter-free.

Springtime is a season to revamp your home and renew your space. Take some time to involve the family, break tasks down room by room, and do a deep clean of high traffic areas. Spring may also inspire you to invest in your home by renovating or updating an appliance. If you are considering an update to your home, we would be happy to work with you.

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