Shower & Bathtub Doors

Shower & Bathtub Doors

Shower & Bathtub Doors

At Better Baths we offer a full line of shower doors from sliding, frameless, neo-angle and many more to fit your shower enclosure needs.

Pivot Shower Doors

Pivot doors are also known as one-panel swinging or hinge doors and open outward from a single side. They are typically 36-48 inches wide and are perfect for showers or bathtubs that do not have enough space to accommodate a sliding door. These doors provide an easy-to-access, open showering environment.

Sliding Bathtub & Shower Doors

Also known as a bypass door this type of shower door takes up the least amount of space by allowing the glass doors to slide pass each out on a top and bottom track.

Round Shower Doors

Ideal for stand-alone showers the curved glass design creates a spacious showering area. The door for the round shower doors open inward and can be reversible for right or left access.

Neo-Angle Shower Doors

Neo-angle showers, also known as a diamond-shaped shower, are made up of three glass sides, one being a glass door directly across from the wall corner. These shower doors can be installed to either open to the right or the left depending on your bathroom layout.


Frameless shower doors create an open, airy look with its minimalist design. Both the pivot shower doors and sliding doors offer frameless options.

Steam Shower Doors

Available in sliding and pivot models, semi-frameless steam doors form a tight seal to hold in steam, creating a spa-like environment in your bathroom.