Pulling Back the Curtain on Shopping for Shower & Bathtub Doors

Pulling Back the Curtain on Shopping for Shower & Bathtub Doors

Should you choose a shower/bathtub door or just hang a rod and curtain?

Sometimes it’s hard to keep the momentum going when you’re in the home stretch of remodelling, or a new-build bathroom. Hanging a curtain just sounds like the quickest way to make a decision.
But you’re new bathroom is shaping up to be a showstopper, so don’t lose steam yet.


You’ll find a solution that coordinates with your other new bath fixtures, keeps the water in, is easy to clean, doesn’t eat up extra space, PLUS showcases that gorgeous marble-like tile on the shower wall (it’s ceramic, but no one else needs to know that!).


A bathtub or shower door is the finishing piece of your shower/tub design. So here’s what you need to know about choosing the right shower/tub door style, type and glass options.


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What Kind of Shower Do You Have?

Most showers fall into one of two categories. Your shower is either a stand-alone shower, or it’s a shower/bathtub combination. This is one of the most important points to consider from a practical standpoint. Not all enclosure designs will work with both.


Door Types – Do you have limited space?

Pivot, Sliding & Shower Shield Doors - Better Baths

There are a variety of shower/tub door designs. Knowing what they are before you begin your search will help you to make a more informed decision to select the best option for your bathroom space.

    • Pivot – The pivoting shower door is essentially a shower door that opens like any other door. Depending on the space you have available, it can swing into the shower or out into the bathroom. You can also have them installed to open from the left or right depending on your personal preference.


    • Sliding Doors- Also known as bi-pass doors, these are the best option for a shower and bathtub combo, where space is limited. They are also a good choice where fixtures are close together, again, limiting space.


  • Shield or Screen – If you’re remodelling and tired of a shower curtain install a shower shield or screen on your tub/shower combo. It’sis a modern option that makes your bath look larger and shows off your tile. The panel can be stationary or hinged to pivot out of the way of the faucets.


Frame or Frameless

Frame or Frameless Shower and Tub Doors - Better Beaths
Frameless enclosures are very popular for their seamless, clean, modern look and they are generally made from tempered glass. If you’re looking to highlight tile designs or spectacular hardware go with a frameless shower door option. They are, however, at the top of the price scale.

Framed enclosures can be just as chic and cost a lot less. The glass in aluminum framed doors is usually thinner with the frame adding support. Hardware, including door handles, are available in a variety of finishes making it easy to coordinate with your faucet and accessory metals.


Glass – Crystal Clear or Patterned for Privacy

Shower & Tub Glass Doors - Better Baths

Clear glass enclosures have their benefits. They have a cleaner look, admit more light and can show-off patterned tiles that you don’t want hidden by a shower curtain. A glass shower door makes a smaller bathroom feel more spacious because you can see all the way to the wall with no visual impediments.


The other option is textured or patterned glass. It makes a visual statement, is easier to maintain than most clear glass enclosures and it also offers more privacy.


Glass for your tub/shower door can be bought in different thickness. The weight of thicker glass gives a feeling of a quality, well-built door when you open and close it. While thinner glass doors are usually framed for the additional support. It all depends on your preference.


HINT If you’re worried about keeping the glass pristine & clean, especially if you have hard water, consider brands like Kohler and Maax that have coatings to help the glass repel water.



Measuring for Shower and Bathtub Doors - Better Baths

Making sure the measurements are right is a stressful undertaking. Even if your contractor or plumber is handling that part of the project, when you’re in researching mode and want to get a quote on your options you’ll still have to handle a tape measure to get a rough idea of what your cost will be.


Our showroom consultants are experts in the “Measure twice, Cut once” rule, and we’re here to help you find the right dimensions for your order.


To learn more about your tub/shower door options click here.



There are a lot of ways you can customize your doors. The type of frame, glass and door all contribute to a personalized look. You can also decide on the hardware you will use to open your shower. Many people look for a handle that matches the other fixtures in the bathroom.


When you want to get a new shower door, it is in your best interest to do your homework beforehand. Hitting up Pinterest and home magazines only gives you so much info. You’ll need to visit a plumbing showroom and find a display.


First hand experience is better than all the free advice in the world!


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