Kitchen Sink Faucets

Kitchen Sink Faucets

Kitchen Sink Faucets

Whether you are looking for simplicity or a multifunctional design, a pull-down or pull-out spray, brushed nickel or chrome finish, Better Baths offers a variety of Kitchen Faucets that will fit all your kitchen needs.

Pull-Down Faucet

A pull-down faucet is ideal for a kitchens with deeper than average sinks as the faucet head is able to pull down to a height that makes it more convenient for rinsing or filling dishes. Pull-down faucets are also equipped with multiple spray options such as; stream, spray and pause.

Pull-Out Faucet

A pull-out faucet gives users the flexibility to move the faucet head in many different directions with a long hose connected to the spray head. This added flexibility causes less splash-back from the spray head.


Rotating directionally a single-handled faucet provides the simplicity of having water temperature and flow regulated through one lever. Usually featuring a high arching spout these types of faucets are ideal for cleaning large pots or when you only have one free hand.


A two-handle faucet design allow for you to better regulate the temperature as it features dedicated hot and cold handle controls. It is also known as a more traditional style of faucet requiring a minimum of three holes for installation. Two-handle faucets are now available with a variety of handle styles such as; levers, cross & wristblade.


Wall-mounted faucets allow you the ability to avoid clutter on your kitchen counter by installing your kitchen faucet on the wall just above your sink basin.


Deck-mounted faucets are mounted directly on your countertop and are ideal for under-mount sinks.


Sink-mounted faucets sit directly on top of your sink basin and would need to have the same configuration as the predrilled holes. If you find a faucet that requires fewer holes you can add an escutcheon plate which will cover the unneeded holes.


Dispensing clean, filtered drinking water, beverage faucets bring a new level of convenience to the kitchen. We offer both cold-water systems and hot-water systems for instant tea or cocoa. A filtration system is required.

Pot Filler

Wonderfully convenient for the home cook, wall- or deck-mount pot fillers are installed next to or above a stovetop, giving you quick access to water without having to transfer pots back and forth to the sink.


A fresh interpretation of a classic faucet design, bridge faucets can be mounted on a sink deck or wall. Bridge faucets feature a two-handle design with a generous swing spout and are available in traditional or contemporary styles.


This small spray nozzle is completely separate from the faucet, connected to a pullout hose for full flexibility and functionality when spraying dishes or cleaning the inside of the sink. Great with bridge or traditional swing-spout faucets


An escutcheon is a simple ornamental plate that allows you to install a single-handle faucet on a three-hole sink. Most of our single-handle faucets have an escutcheon model available, which is perfect if you’d like to change from a two-handle faucet but still love the look of your sink.