Are you Smart Enough? Up your IQ with an Intelligent Toilet


This is not for the average person.

And, it’s a bit over the top.

But anyone who has experienced an intelligent toilet through travel for business or pleasure, love them.

You don’t have to travel to a fancy hotel to have the same experience.

If you’re a little nerdy & love tech these smart toilets have got features you never even knew you needed in a bathroom.

Pick Up & Leave Behind Fewer Germs

With a hands-free flush and a motion-activated lid that raises and lower for you, the Numi appeals to the germaphobe in all of us. Plus, a built-in fan with carbon filter automatically deodorizes & keeps your bathroom fresh.


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Stay Connected During Your Morning Routine

Get caught up on your favourite podcast or turn up the tunes while you’re getting ready
Stream wirelessly with any of your Bluetooth devices, store your files to the SD card, or plug-in your phone using an aux cord.

When the Lights Go Out

There’s no need to turn on that blinding, overhead bathroom light at 2:15 am, ever again. A built-in sensor automatically turns on the Numi’s soft nightlight, so your night isn’t anymore disrupted than it needs to be.

And if you’re wondering, what happens when the power goes out? There is an emergency flush for power outages on the Numi.

A Tissue Alternative

Bidet features you can easily personalize. Fine-tune every setting; water temperature, spray position and pressure and program it into the toilet’s remote for easy control with a single touch.

For a full list of details on the high water efficiency Numi Intelligent toilet click here.


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