Introducing House of Rohl


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Better Baths is excited to announce our new partnership with House of Rohl. House of Rohl offers several lines of luxury kitchen and bath products which will scale up your home’s design. We are proud to provide access to this exquisite series of intricately crafted homewares.

In today’s fast-paced market where appliances are unreliable after five years and cars are not made to last, House of Rohl stands out as a company dedicated to exceptional craftsmanship and thoughtful design.

House of Rohl works with companies from around the world to provide luxurious products for the kitchen and bath and is dedicated to contributing to the story of a home. As such they choose artistically manufactured products while also speaking to the heritage of those who create them.

The House of Rohl line features four distinct manufacturers, all with unique, but equally well-crafted products to offer.


Riobel Header Image

Riobel is a Canadian company, based in Montreal. The Riobel line is for those who value a contemporary look with high functionality. Progressive in its approach to design, the company is consistently adjusting their models to reflect consumer needs. Through state-of-the-art testing which in turn informs design, Riobel creates refined pieces that make a modern statement. If you are looking for a contemporary look in your bathroom or kitchen, Riobel may be the line for you.

Perrin and Rowe

Perrin & Rowe Kitchen Faucet

With today’s technology, it is rare to find hand-crafted housewares. Perrin and Rowe, a company based in England, are renowned for their hand-crafted brassware. Their pieces are distinctive and easily recognizable. Skilled artisans fuse timeless practices with the latest technologies to create durable, functional, and beautiful products for the kitchen and bathroom. Perrin and Rowe’s brass pieces make a significant statement in your home and serve to warm up any room adding a touch of elegance and class.


Shaws Apron Front Sink

For over one hundred- and twenty-years time-honored craftsmanship has been passed down through the generations at Shaws. With so many years of experience, Shaws has honed its commitment to creating timeless pieces that will last a lifetime. Bathtubs and sinks are handcrafted with care meaning that each piece is unique and bears the imprint of the person who made it. Shaws is so confident about its products that the company offers a lifetime warranty. Just glance at the Shaws website for a sense of the beauty conveyed through these handcrafted goods.

Victoria and Albert

Albert and Victoria Free Standing Tub

Victoria and Albert, another UK based company, is recognized for the impact it has made in the world of bathtub and sink design. Their products are distinct because they strike a balance between art and science with their freestanding sink and bathtub designs. A customized material called ENGLISHCAST® forms the foundation of their freestanding structures.

House of Rohl curates the most elegant luxury kitchen and bathroom products from around the world. Better Baths is proud to partner with House of Rohl in offering these exclusive products to our customers. We believe in the values put forth by House of Rohl: the power of story, time-honored craft, artistry, and dedication. Today there is an emphasis placed on disposable items; we hope to counter that movement by providing sound products that will last a lifetime. We are here to help you design a home you will love for years to come, and we are confident that you will find pieces you adore with this new product line. Come in and talk to us today. We will help you design a kitchen or bathroom that is functional, beautiful, and timeless.

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