Design​ ​Your​ ​Own​ ​Faucet​ ​-​ ​The​ ​Riobel,​ ​Momenti​ ​Bathroom​ ​Faucet​ ​Collection

Are you getting toward the end of your bathroom renovation decisions and still can’t find the right faucet to work with your nicer countertops & new undermount sink?


Everything you find is just ok but would be perfect,

if only…


…you could have black handles with a polished chrome spout

…you could swap out that square edged spout for a smooth, round-shape

…you could share that picture in your mind’s eye with your contractor, so they knew exactly what to order


But you just keep seeing the wrong stuff online & in the stores.


Don’t feel like you have to completely throw out your original design criteria for a faucet to get one that fits your exact description.

You’ve just found the Riobel, Momenti bathroom faucet collection where you can pick the spout, handle style & finish. Ultimately creating the exact faucet you want, that personalizes your bathroom update exactly how you pictured it.


2 Spouts x 4 Handles x 7 Finishes = Your Faucet Creation

Better Baths - Riobel Momenti Collection

With over 50 possible combinations, you can personalize a bathroom faucet set that undeniably speaks to your style. And, if your design sense leans toward contrasts instead of matching, there are options to have that chrome spout with black handles.
In the Momenti Collection, choose from:

  • 2 Spout Styles – Round & Square
  • 4 Handle Choices (‘x’, ‘+’, 2 different lever types)
  • 7 Finishes – Brushed & Polished Nickel, Chrome, & Black, plus finish combinations


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With such a versatile selection, Momenti is a stylish faucet collection that looks as pleasing in a traditional family bathroom or striking in a contemporary spa-like master bath.


  • The collection also includes several sink faucet choices:
  • 8” centre
  • Wall Mount


If you’re changing out an old faucet in an existing sink/counter, it solves the w[hole] problem 🙂 of using escutcheon plates to cover up extra holes that just look odd.


3-Steps to Design, Visualize & Share Your New Faucet Creation

Riobel, Momenti Collection at Better Baths


Sometimes, you can’t quite picture what that bathroom faucet will look like in brushed nickel, or on that deep bowled bathroom sink. Riobel, the designer’s of the Momenti Collection, has designed a user-friendly online tool so your creation doesn’t just live in your imagination.


  • DESIGNCreate Your Moment’ on the Momenti Collection website to begin your faucet design project. Pick from the choices of styles, spouts, handles & finishes.
  • VISUALIZEView My Faucet’ to see what your newly created faucet or tub filler set looks like on an actual sink or tub.
  • SHARE From here you can Save & Share your design to your desktop, or with your friends on social media. You’ll also have direct links to spec sheets and installation guides, making it easy to share your faucet vision with your plumber, or contractor. Leaving no doubt as to what to order from their supplier.


Get a 360-degree view

Want to get a better sense of the spout reach & height? See your design from all angles by using the Virtual Model and get the full 360-degree view.


Coordinate All Bathroom Fixtures – Tub Fillers, Shower Heads & Towel Racks

Better Baths, Riobel Momenti Collections

Once you pick out your lavatory faucet, look for a tub filler, shower fixture & accessories to compliment it. The Momenti Bathroom faucet line includes floor, wall and deck-mount tub fillers, shower heads, and accessories like towel racks to create a balanced design.


The #1 Faucet Consideration

So, when it’s design decision time, your #1 consideration for a faucet should be functionality. Then style, and then find a dealer who carries what you need, don’t merely buy what they have to sell.


To get a faucet that is truly your own design, & the perfect compliment with your new sink, visit the Riobel Momenti Collection website & start designing!


If you’d like to see the Momenti Collection in person, visit our Kitchen & Bath Showroom in Bedford at 75 Peakview Way, Bedford, NS or call us at 902-494-5266.


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