Tips on How to Choose the Best Shower Head

If you’re thinking about updating your current shower or planning for a total renovation, you will probably be replacing the shower head. The choices are numerous; some are even lavish.

Before the work begins you need to decide on the look you want for your new bathroom – something traditional and simple or more like an expensive health spa with jets of water massaging you. Each of these can be found in high-efficiency, water-saving models.

Rainheads | Better Baths

Rain Shower Head

This shower head gives you an experience like being in a rain shower. The water comes directly from over your head offering an enjoyable sensation. These shower heads are wide and flat and can either be flush-mounted to your ceiling or suspended from an extension arm.
Rain shower heads work best when planning a complete renovation of your bathroom’s plumbing as well as in a new house. Many bathrooms would require an update of the plumbing to install these. It is possible to find smaller rain shower heads with fewer nozzles that will work in systems with lower water pressure.


Handheld Showerheads | Better Baths

Hand-held Shower Head

Hand-held Shower heads can be mounted on an adjustable slide bracket. This shower head can be adjusted to your height. A hose between 3 to 6 feet is attached and can be removed from its holder to wash your hair, your feet or even wash your dog.

Your existing plumbing will work with a hand-held model. It is often used instead of a traditional wall-mounted shower head. These are also great water savers and can use only 1 gallon per minute (GPM).


Body Sprays and Shower Panels | Better Baths

Body Sprays and Shower Spray Panels

Here is your hydrotherapy spa treatment at home. Installed vertically and often on opposite-facing walls, the water massages the body up and down and at differing angles.

The height of the people using this shower must be taken into account before installation as the spray is meant to be aimed at the shoulders, hips and knees. The plumber may need to make a few adjustments.

Body sprays and shower panels will require comprehensive plumbing work so it might be best to save this for a bathroom remodelling job or use it in a new building.


Single Showerheads | Better Baths

Single Spray Shower Head

You may find the standard, traditional shower head is exactly what you want. It can be adjusted for the angle at which the water sprays as well as for a variety of water spray patterns. It may be simple but it has always done a great job.


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