Suffering from Analysis Paralysis when it comes to Choosing the Best Bathtub?

Tips on How You Can Quickly & Confidently Choose the Best Tub for Your New Bathroom

This isn’t a pair of shoes you’re buying that can easily be returned if you don’t like them.


How in the world would you return a tub, anyway?


It’s always fun to do something a little different when designing your bathroom. And a bathtub is THE statement piece of your bathroom that sets the tone for the rest of the fixtures, so it’s good to do research.


But seriously, you need to stop spending endless hours searching online or spending every weekend in home improvement warehouses.


So before you start your bathroom remodel, here are the top bathtub buying tips you need to know:


Spa-like Experience, or is it just about Getting Clean?

Maax Allia Tub Shower Combo

A deep freestanding tub will give you that spa-like soak, but if it’s just about getting clean, then an alcove tub-shower combination is the best choice, especially if it’s going to be the only tub in the house.


Consider who is using the tub & how:

For a master bathroom, a whirlpool tub might be just where you’ll find peace & quiet.  A high-sided tub for a family bathroom though could be a royal pain getting in and out of. Posing a tripping hazard for little ones, a family member with mobility concerns, or even yourself 5-10 years down the road.  


Looking for more bathtub types? Click here.


It’s one thing to get into a tub when you’re dry, but quite another when you’re wet.


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Tub Style & Design – The Tub Personality Test

For most, choosing a bathtub is all about style & design. It’s almost instinctive. You’re scrolling online or flipping through magazine pages, and without a second thought, your thumb automatically stops on the designs & shapes that reflect your style.



…if too much choice is overwhelming & you throw up your hands in defeat see which tub style below best describes your personality.


HINT Look at the overall decor of your home and just expand on that style for your redesigned bathroom.


Traditional/Casual Style

Kohler Clawfoot tubPersonality Traits:

Pairs of things & symmetry make you feel a sense of order and calm.

You’re drawn to: Vintage, retro furniture; upholstered pieces and warm & welcoming colours

Best Tub Choices:

Clawfoot tubs,

Angled-back free-standing tubs,

Drop-in corner tub,

Pedestal tub,

Curved-edge, alcove tubs (surrounded by walls on 3 sides)


Modern/Contemporary Style

Personality Traits:

Your philosophy is less is more & you keep on top of trends.

You’re drawn to:

Clean-lined furniture without decoration

Neutral palettes accented with a bold pop of colour

Contrast, clean lines, uncluttered spaces decorated with tone-on-tone textures & patterns.


Best Tub Choices:

Go for sleek & modern styles, 

Clean line edged alcove tubs, 

Deep-soak oval/rectangular shaped freestanding tubs


With your style determined next comes the practical details.

Size & Materials

Kohler Deep Tub

It’s not just, “Will it fit through the door?”.


There are 3 separate sizing requirements you need to ask about before you buy.


1. Don’t have Your Plumber Complaining about a Difficult Install

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, you need to ask if the new tub you’re considering will fit through the existing door. With a new home build will the tub be too long or too short for the roughed-in space? You want your plumber to have a straightforward installation. Any hiccups at this point take your contractor extra time which equals extra cost to you & possible delays.


2. Allow Enough Space to Clean Around It

It’s got to be done. Ensure you have enough room to be able to clean around the tub, and open or close a window on that wall. For a small bathroom, a pool-sized bathtub just isn’t practical and takes up a lot of real estate so look at choosing an alcove tub. If a freestanding tub is your dream though, look for a tub with a smaller footprint & deep-curved edges that allows for some visual breathing room.


3. Whether You’re 5’3” or 6’, Try a Tub on for Size

Wear some comfy clothes, visit your local specialty plumbing showroom and jump in. You want your first immersion to be deep enough to soak comfortably from neck-to-toe. You don’t want to freeze half your body or feel like you’re bobbing along without an anchor because you’re feet don’t touch the end of the tub.


HINT Make sure it’s comfortable by lying down in the tub before you buy it. Plus, check your water heater to ensure it can provide enough hot water to fill that size of tub.


Top Bathtub Materials

Today, most tub styles come in your choice of materials so yes you can get that clawfoot tub in acrylic instead of a heavy cast iron. Because of the investment you’re making look for tubs manufactured with quality materials that are durable and finishes that can be repaired.


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So what are your choices & how do they compare?



  • very affordable
  • lightweight
  • wide range of colours & styles
  • Finish is not as long-lasting or durable as acrylic
  • & is susceptible to stains, colour fading & cracking but can be refinished.
  • Great option for shower/tub combinations. Easy to clean.



  • popular & affordable choice
  • more expensive than fibreglass
  • lightweight
  • wide range of colours & designs
  • finish is high gloss texture
  • very durable & strong
  • non-porous surface that can be repaired or finish restored
  • resists chipping
  • easy to clean


Enameled Cast Iron

  • enamel surface is chip resistant
  • will require repair over time
  • very heavy & may require extra support in the sub-floor
  • textured surface/finish which can be difficult to clean
  • very durable
  • many colour choices available
  • more expensive than acrylic


Engineered Natural Stone

  • affordable
  • many color & style options
  • easy to clean
  • stain resistant
  • surface scratches but can be buffed out



HINT If you have an eye for detail, don’t forget to ask if the drain & overflow hardware come in other finishes….you may have the option to have the same finish as your faucets.


Your bathtub is a lasting investment, not something you’ll soon replace. It’s the focal point of your bathroom redesign & all other fixtures hinge on this purchase.


You deserve to have that long hot relaxing soak without any sinking feeling of disappointment that you settled for a tub you didn’t end up loving.


So don’t live with regret or waste endless hours researching online, reading reviews, or wandering those home improvement warehouses that just don’t carry the luxury bath fixtures you’re looking for.


DO go to your local Bath & Kitchen specialty showroom and chat with the professionals.


You’re invited to visit our Bath & Kitchen showroom where designers & contractors source those luxury fixtures for your remodel. To make it even easier, we’ll help you discover your style, provide your plumber with any special install instructions and coordinate delivery times with your contractor. You’ll be confident knowing that nothing’s been forgotten.


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