Get Bathroom Vanity Help: Drawers, Doors & Other Design Decisions

Toothpaste leaking out of the tube.

A messy mush in the soap dish.

The unmanageable tangle of hairdryer and razor cords.

Whether you need to contain the clutter or are mostly minimal, what’s on your bathroom vanity says a lot about your renovation needs.

Here are the tips you need in picking a bathroom vanity with the right style, storage, size & sink.


Not too big, not too small, but just right

Bathroom Vanity Size

Make things easy on yourself.

If you’re replacing an existing bathroom vanity, you’re likely keeping the same floor plan.

Look for a new vanity that has the same width, depth, height and will work with existing plumbing. This means you can think about the fun stuff first; style, finish and sink choices.

Getting the proportions right in a new bathroom space has a different order of priorities.

It’s function first and style second.
First, get the measurement of the full wall where the vanity will be installed. Then you can make decisions on:

  • 1 vanity that runs the full length of the wall
  • Single or double sinks
  • 2 smaller vanities with a drawer bridging the two
  • or a cabinet in between for storage


A drawer for every person helps fight the chaos

Bathroom Vanity Accessories

Doors and drawers in a well-planned vanity do more than hide your lotions, potions and other bathroom clutter. In-door/drawer storage keeps makeup and shaving accessories, from sliding around.

Specifically designed rollout and adjustable shelves for hair dryers, flat irons and electric razors mean tangled cords are history.

For extreme cord control consider including adjustable shelves or drawers with built-in electrical outlets, like the one pictured above from Kohler.

Style & Finishes

Kohler Bathroom Vanity Finishes & Styles

Ready-made, furniture-style bathroom vanities are no longer limited to the typical laminate countertop and natural wood stain (could be mistaken for kitchen cupboard) cupboards.

Kohler’s Made-to-Order and Out-of-the-Box vanities give you style options at all price points.

You make all the decisions with Made-to-Order vanities and have control over all design choices including; style, countertops, finishes and hardware. You’ll get a custom bathroom vanity that perfectly suits your style and shows off your personality.

If patience isn’t a virtue, Out-of-the-Box vanities keep design decisions simple but certainly not boring. Choose from a number of bathroom vanity styles, sizes & finishes for a custom look without a custom price tag.

Whether you’re renovating a small but modern guest bath, or your spacious and traditional master bathroom the predetermined vanities are ready-to-go.


Asymmetrical Sink Placement

Rubi Asymmetrical Sink

There’s no law saying the bathroom sink has to be in the middle of the vanity.

Well, if you have a Libra’s sensibility (that symmetry is everything) reading that may have just thrown you off balance!

Otherwise, only existing plumbing is dictating where your sink must be placed.

To keep it looking balanced place a horizontal mirror running the whole length of the vanity.

For that matter, who says a bathroom vanity has to have a toe-kick or even legs. A floating, wall-mounted vanity makes a small powder room appear open & uncluttered. And gives you the option to set it at any height which is great if adults & kids are sharing a bathroom, or accessibility is a consideration.


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